Venue as a service

Have CrowdX create a custom venue to suit the needs of your business.

Enterprise Solutions

CrowdX Enterprise Solutions

Our technology is fast, secure, scalable and adaptable to your needs.

Our proprietary technology is available under license to allow financial institutions to create their own private venue.


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your share trading interface access. Oper or Private. It's your choice.


Be part of a wider and growing financial services ecosystem,


Benefit from CrowdX technology and distribution.

A venue as a service

CrowdX’s trading and settlement system enables full automation, reducing transaction times and dealing costs.

  • Choose from an open or closed primary and secondary share trading interface
  • Integrate your ecosystem of issuers, brokers and investors
  • Automated matching with trusted partners Fixspec and AWS

Built and run by industry professionals with decades of experience in capital markets, trading and investment.

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CrowdX enterprise solutions include:

Solutions for your private companies:

Supporting private companies through all stages of their growth cycle.

Solutions for your private companies:

We work with you to support your share trading requirements – transparent and open access or an interface that suits your ecosystem


You can access our broker and professional investor distribution network or work within your own customised environment


We give you dynamic oversight so you can control your share trading requirements

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What makes crowdX different

Configured to solve your requirements

It is impossible to fully explain our technology and how it can be used in your organisation, your needs are unique.

We know from experience that once you see what is possible, the possibilities become endless.