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CrowdX technology provides professional investors with one electronic touch point to invest in UK private companies


Invest and trade in private companies.

We provide opportunities for investors* to invest in high growth ambitious companies, with the progression of these companies onto our secondary market we work to boost liquidity and allow exits of existing investors.

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  • Easy, transparent, electronic access for brokers, family offices and discretionary fund managers to invest in UK private companies – from growth to pre-IPO.
  • Primary and secondary market access with visible entry and exit points.
  • Access to a growing ecosystem of approved investors and companies transforming capital markets.
  • Access to a broker network for individual investors

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Features & Benefits

Power At Your Fingertips

Within our deal room, you can access all the information that you will require to assess the deal suitability for your portfolio.

Set your investment preferences and we shall keep you informed with all future deals that fit your besoke investment criteria.


Companies that fit your portfolio

Only you know what you are interested in but we will only inform you of companies in the sector, scale and growth you specify.

Take control

Quality Investments

Let CrowdX perform due dilligence and collate all the information you could possibly want to understand if the deals right for you.


Simple and Straightforward

We do not hide information in hard to access locations, all deals are structured in the same format and purposely designed to be easy to navigate.


The power of capital markets

By having companies raise and then list upon our proprietary market technologies, investments may be exited through FIX enabled institutions.


All investments carry significant risks, you should only invest if you understand that all investments can go down as well as up and there is always a possibility that your investment may lose all value.

While CrowdX performs due dilligence on companies raising finance on it’s platforms and companies are required to sign a statement of truth that all information supplied and publised on our website and platforms is accurate; we accept no responsibilty or liability for the information published. 

It is for the investor(s) to validate any information accessed as part of the deal room and other services and investor(s) are assumed to have performed their own due dilligence and research.