CrowdX Services

We work with private companies to transform their growth potential. So they receive support throughout their growth journey – right through to pre-IPO


Tailored to you

When joining CrowdX, we listen.  We want to know what you require and only offer you the service(s) you need to achieve your goals as simply as possible.

For companies looking to raise finance, these may include:

  • Cap table management solutions to direct stakeholder engagement for members
    • A trading facility to list debt and equity
    • Connection to a network of companies, investors and advisers
    • A validated industry framework to provide a score against ESG metrics using AI


For institutions we may assist:

  • Client Generation
  • Internal markets
  • Opportunities for client investment



Popular Services
ESG Metrics

We are able to supply ESG metrics that are repeatable and measurable using the very latest in AI.

Venue as a Servive

Configure and operate a private venue for internal holdings.

Raising Finance

Raise finance and list businesses on the secondary markets.

Direct market access for private equity and debt

  • Broker-led, custom-developed and secure trading platform for debt and equity
  • API technology connected to regulated market participants and their investor channels
  • Raise and maintain your profile in the investment sphere
  • Allows easy cap table management for companies from cradle to exit


A frictionless, open and transparent marketplace for growth companies and their stakeholders

An ecosystem for brokers and advisers to access

private markets

Featured List

Have comfort in knowing a company’s growth is managed and serviced beyond just the raise and through its entire lifecycle


Benefit from a peer-to-peer network


Fully tested new technology with easy plug-in APIs


Layered service support for clients beyond just transactions